Binance Exchange: review and registration instructions

Binance cryptocurrency exchange appeared in 2017. Over the short period of its existence, it has gained immense popularity, and in terms of daily trading volume, it has entered the TOP-29 of the best trading floors working in this direction. The headquarters is located in Shanghai. But, the platform is available for use by citizens of different countries. It supports 8 of the most common languages, so there are no problems with the development of the interface. The rapid growth in popularity of the Binance exchange was facilitated by the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with Yee Hye – co-founder of OKcoin. The price of internal codes immediately increased by 40%.

Features of two-factor authentication on the Binance exchange

Understanding how to register with is a snap. More questions are caused by verification and authentication. If we talk about the latter, then its passage is mandatory for each user. If a person ignores this moment, he will not be able to fully use the functionality of the site, withdraw money, and also continue verification to expand his own capabilities. And until the user has completed the necessary actions, they will be prompted to do this when switching to almost any page on the platform.

To authenticate, you need to go to your account and click here on the schematic image of a man. After that, two options for solving the problem will be proposed:

  • via SMS;
  • with Google Authenticator.

You should choose the second option. Even though our country is included in the list of supported states, the feedback on the Binance exchange contains information that the message simply does not arrive at the indicated number. Therefore, in order not to lose time, it is immediately better to choose the second item. The program is downloaded via Google Play, after launch it needs to be connected with the cryptocurrency platform. Just point the camera of the mobile device to a QR code and get a six-digit number, which we will use every time we log in to our account.

Replenishment of an account on the Binance exchange and withdrawal of crypto coins

New users often have to think about how to make money on Binance. This is due to a slightly obscure translation of the site into Russian. But, if you follow the step-by-step instructions, you can solve the problem without any special difficulties.

Initially, we find the active “Asset” button by moving the mouse cursor over it, we see a drop-down list with additional options. Here you need to select “Withdraw cash from the deposit.” After you will see a complete list of digital currencies that you can deposit.

Those who are interested in how to replenish their balance at Binance should consider that you can only start cryptocurrency. You won’t be able to use fiat money. Instead, you can replenish the deposit with 44 types of digital coins. Not every platform provides such wide opportunities, especially when considering new projects.

In the same way, the withdrawal of money to Binance is simply carried out. To implement it, you need to select the appropriate menu item, indicate your wallet number and set the amount.

Important! There are situations when the withdrawal of funds or replenishment of the account is unavailable. This is a temporary phenomenon and in the near future, you will be able to carry out the operation of interest.

Those who are interested in how to withdraw money from Binance should not forget about the commission, which, by the way, is lower on the site under consideration than on other popular platforms. Depending on which digital coins it is decided to withdraw, you will have to give from 0.001% to 0.25% of the transferred amount. But, each user paying a commission on Binance with internal units – BNB, is given a 50% discount. This allows you to save extra. This feature distinguishes the considered platform from other cryptocurrency trading platforms, where traders cannot rely on any discounts or privileges.

Having figured out how to replenish an account at Binance and on what conditions money is withdrawn, you can move on to the main topic – trading cryptocurrency pairs. If it is organized correctly and skillfully, you can count on a good profit.

Binance exchange referral program and its features

Earn extra

There is another interesting point – the Binance referral program. It involves the payment of certain amounts of money for attracting new users. To become a member, just click on the active button in the appropriate affiliate section, find here a referral link that can be used in any social networks and other resources to attract new participants of the crypto exchange. The reward is paid in the internal cryptocurrency of the platform.

Conclusions: why it is worth working with cryptocurrency exchange Binance

Concluding the review of the Binance exchange, we will summarize and highlight its main advantages, in view of which it is worth thinking about the relevance of work on this site. There are a lot of advantages to this situation:

  • user trust. If you pay attention to statistics, it is possible to note that more than 5,000,000 people are already using the site’s capabilities. This figure alone indicates the justification of the choice;
  • a wide selection of tools. It is not necessary to decide how to trade on Binance for a long time. According to the latest information, the cryptocurrency exchange supported 44 types of digital coins and more than 200 cryptocurrency pairs. Accordingly, each participant can choose a tool that will be most convenient for him;
  • intuitive interface. There are no nuances that could cause difficulties in mastering the functionality and capabilities of the platform. In addition, it is available in 8 languages. Anyone who is interested in how to work on the Binance exchange will easily understand all the intricacies. True, experienced people say that getting lost in the Russian-language interface is much easier than in English due to incorrect translation. Therefore, if you even know a little foreign language, it makes sense not to change it;
  • low commissions. Any review of the Binance crypto exchange marks this point. Indeed, if you compare the conditions with other sites, a noticeable difference will be visible immediately. This feature will be especially valuable for those who want to actively trade in digital coins, perform a large number of operations;
  • availability of tools for successful trading. These are various charts, trading indicators and opportunities for technical analysis. This feature will be appreciated by experienced individuals working in this direction for a certain period;
  • for those who only learn how to create a wallet on Binance or have just completed the registration procedure – the ability to work without verification if you do not withdraw more than 2 bitcoins per day. And even if you go through this procedure, it will not cause difficulties and will not take much time.

Reviews about the Binance exchange confirm the information discussed above, they say that the site is really worthy of attention. There are enough opportunities to conduct profitable work with digital currency. And it is not necessary to choose the most popular types of crypto coins. You can conclude transactions with those assets that you personally prefer.

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