Exmo.me exchange overview – operating instructions

The international cryptocurrency exchange exmo.me is considered one of the most reliable and functional platforms. It has been working since 2013 and from the very beginning is in great demand among traders. The system does not leave the ratings of the best trading platforms, and this is due to its many advantages. When planning to trade on the exmo.me exchange, you need to consider them as carefully as possible, stopping at all the important points. This will help to plan and start work correctly, counting on income that is as close as possible to what you want.

How to make money on the EXMO wallet and withdraw funds

There are many offers to replenish

Important! The main difference between the considered system from similar platforms is the ability to work with fiat and digital currencies. Therefore, the methods of replenishment and withdrawal of funds are most convenient, are offered a wide selection.

Understand that as a refill EXMO account or withdraw money – for a long time is not necessary. By logging in to your account, you can open all available wallet options. They are represented by a list. It remains to choose the appropriate type and click on the “Deposit” or “Withdraw” button (if you have already worked on the site and have a certain amount in the account). Next will be presented all the available options for the implementation of the operation of interest. The conclusion can be made in different types of assets, even if you want to translate the exmo code.

Important! If you replenish your account with cryptocurrency, it can only be transferred directly from the wallet on which it is stored. For a listing, you only need to generate the address and enter it in the corresponding application.

For fiat money transactions, you don’t have to figure out how to find out your EXMO wallet number in order to transfer money. All necessary information will be provided.

The commission for depositing and withdrawing money is different in each case. It all depends on how you conduct assets operations and what platform you use.

Getting started on the EXMO exchange

We trade simply and profitably

Here, it is immediately possible to note another advantage. The platform can be used not only for bidding. Very often use EXMO as an exchanger. The “Exchange” item is chosen by those who wish to invest their assets in a more promising, in their opinion, cryptocurrency, for example, bitcoin, being confident that its value will increase significantly in the near future. Users do not have to make trading operations.

By the way, if you want to buy cryptocurrency outside the exchange, we recommend monitoring BestChange exchangers, where you will find the best over-the-counter currency exchange rates.

The Trades menu is chosen by those who wish to trade in digital money and make money on such transactions. Here, quite wide opportunities open up for traders. Let’s consider in more detail how to trade on the EXMO exchange.

By going to the appropriate section, you will see all the available tools. First of all, you need to choose the currency pair of interest. The top panel contains all the most popular options. Having decided on the decision, by clicking on the appropriate button, you can view the schedule for changing the price of specific assets. It can be customized to your own needs and wishes by selecting the period of interest. This information is useful to anyone who thinks about how to buy or sell cryptocurrency on the EXMO exchange. The fact is that without a preliminary analysis and study of statistical data, it is simply impossible to conclude a profitable deal. The price of digital assets is constantly changing and with a very short time interval. It is very important to choose the right moment.

Having studied the schedule, you will have to place an order to sell or buy the selected currency.

If you need to learn how to put Stop Loss on EXMO, there will be no problem with this. The basic recommendations are indicated in the agreement, which the user gets acquainted with during registration. It says here that to place an order of interest, you must specify the minimum cost at which it can be executed. And if the rate starts to decline in the system, the transaction will be carried out when the market price of the instrument reaches the specified parameters. Here you can also find information on how to place orders on EXMO in other versions. The system includes many options to minimize the risks of concluding failed transactions. All information on orders is discussed in clause 6 of the current agreement.

It is interesting to study additional offers for system users, which will help to save and even earn money.

The first thing that most traders are interested in is the EXMO referral program. To become a member, you need to conclude an agreement in the corresponding menu item. After that, you will receive a referral link that you can use in social networks and other relevant areas. Bringing new participants into the system, you subsequently receive 25% of the site commissions on their operations into the account. The more people follow your link, the higher the reward.

Also on the EXMO crypto exchange, the cashback option works. It involves the return to the trader of up to 60% of the commission paid by him when concluding transactions. This is quite profitable and convenient for the user himself, and the system thus stimulates user activity and increased trading volumes. Remuneration is paid at the beginning of the month following the results of the previous one.

The minimum monthly trade turnover is 10 BTC. This amount seems large only at first glance. In fact, it is achievable even for beginners.

Conclusions: the advantages of working with EXMO crypto-exchange

We examined all the important points regarding the work on the Exmo.mi cryptocurrency exchange. It remains to summarize and outline its main advantages over similar sites. They are as follows:

  • multilingual interface – a citizen of any country can deal with the features of the site. In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange supports the Russian language, which is not found in 7 of the 10 best systems working in this area;
  • A simple registration and verification procedure that does not require significant time and effort;
  • high level of reliability – all funds stored on the wallets of the EXMO crypto-exchange are protected from fraudsters and loss by the owner. To do this, developers use new technologies that do not fail;
  • simple interface. All buttons for managing system capabilities are located in intuitive areas of the screen, so you don’t have to figure it out for a long time;
  • wide functionality. We talked about it, conducting a review of the EXMO exchange. On the site, you can work with fiat money and a huge number of types of digital coins. Also, traders are offered many ways to replenish their accounts and withdraw assets;
  • opportunity to save and earn. It is provided by the referral program and the cashback option. Reviews about the EKSMO exchange confirm the relevance of these options;
  • prospects – the administration is doing everything to increase trading volumes. And the number of active users continues to increase;
  • round-the-clock technical support, which works without holidays and weekends. You can ask for help at any time. Applications are considered very quickly, especially if the problem is described as detailed as possible.

All the above points confirm the comments about exmo.me Exchange. You can verify them yourself by going through a simple registration procedure.

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