How to invest bitcoin cryptocurrency Part 2

Interest-bearing deposits as a profitable investment

You can invest bitcoins at interest in the same way as regular currency. Investors are offered term and term deposits with different interest rates. Such transactions are provided by cryptocurrency exchanges where digital coins are traded. They also act as lenders for traders who lack their own assets to conclude their desired transactions. Assets are received from private investors who determine the terms of lending on their own. Further, traders choose the most attractive offers for themselves and conclude an appropriate agreement.

The advantages of this investment option include the following:

  • passive income. You do not need to spend a lot of time on regulation or control, decide where to invest cryptocurrency and what time is better to do it. You receive income after a certain time, as in the case of a bank deposit. Then you can use the profit in accordance with your personal goals – reinvest by increasing the amount of the deposit or transfer money to the interesting option;
  • Additional income. If you plan to sell cryptocurrency after a certain time, prior to its implementation, you can invest assets in cryptocurrency exchanges, receiving additional income in the form of interest;
  • profitable terms. Specialized exchanges offer fairly high-interest rates, which can reach 60% per annum, and in more risky cases, 10% per day if we talk about altcoins.

The disadvantages include only the risks associated with closing the exchange, or the likelihood of encountering scammers, which are enough in this area. To reduce the risk of fraud, you just need to show responsibility in choosing the direction in which it is worth investing in the cryptocurrency , give preference to well-known names that exist in this area for a long time.

The most justified investment options include lending on such portals:

  1. Here, private investors provide funds for lending to traders trading on the site. The crypto exchange itself acts as a guarantor of the return on invested assets. Lending can only be done in bitcoins. The interest rate and terms of the deposit, starting from 2 days, users choose independently.
  2. Cryptocurrency exchange Yobit. Investors give loans to the exchange, not to traders. Available for investment altcoins are systematically changing. The interest on some deposits in tokens can be from 10 to 200% per day.

These are the most common options that are considered by most traders who think where to invest bitcoins.

Forex Investing

As another good option for obtaining the desired profit, consider investing in Forex. Of course, in the absence of experience and special skills, trading independently on the site is not recommended. It is better to entrust your own funds to experienced traders who can guarantee the success of transactions, and, accordingly, provide the expected income, minimizing the risk of financial losses.

Interesting! Statistics show that traders who are well versed in this area can earn up to 1 bitcoin per week. Even now it is possible to assume how profitable the investments in this direction may turn out to be.

The main task of the investor is to choose a reliable partner capable of skillfully managing the assets provided for trust management. Cooperation is necessarily supported by an agreement, where all its conditions are prescribed, in particular, the amount of remuneration of the depositor, the procedure for returning funds.

What can be said as a result of investments

When figuring out where to invest bitcoins, it is important to understand that riskiness, as well as the likely profitability of transactions, are quite high. To succeed in your endeavors, you need to skillfully manage your existing assets. Experienced investors recommend following these tips:

  • always calculate each option and the likely outcome of the investment;
  • invest assets only in verified areas;
  • distribute cryptocurrencies in several directions in order to diversify risks.

If we talk about the best investment of bitcoins, investment in mining is considered to be such. But, if you take a responsible approach to planning and translating ideas into reality, you can also make good money on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Remember, working with digital coins is always a risk, as is the case with investments in stocks, real estate, investment funds. But, the amount of profit, if successful, can pleasantly surprise. Therefore, carefully weigh the pros and cons, evaluate your own knowledge and strength. Then you will make the right choice.

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