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To start working on the exchange, you need to replenish your account. The platform offers to introduce digital and fiat currencies in several ways. For example, if you need to get dollars or euros, you can use popular payment systems, but it is worth remembering that the commission in each case will be noticeably different:

  • Perfect Money – 5%;
  • bank transfer – need verification;
  • Payeer – 5.5%;
  • Capitalist (no commission);
  • Okpay – 2%;
  • 3rd-party Voucher.

If you replenish your account in rubles using popular systems: ADVCash, Qiwi, etc., the commission will also vary depending on the site and will be 9-10%. Thinking of how to replenish Livecoin profitably, you need to focus on the type of input currency in order to choose the best option. It is also possible to replenish the account with digital assets.

For cryptocurrency replenishment on Livecoin, commissions will be zero regardless of the type of coins selected. This is very convenient for those who already have at their disposal such a currency. If you don’t have it, before changing fiat money to digital, calculate the conversion loss, because they also charge a fee for this operation.

Having touched the account replenishment, we immediately indicate the conditions for withdrawing funds to live coins. Commission ranges from 1-6%, depending on the chosen site and type of currency. When the transfer is made in crypto coins, it is not the percentage that is withdrawn, but the fixed amount, which is prescribed for each type of digital currency separately.

Now you can proceed directly to the trade. Having chosen the menu item of the same name, you will see a trader window in front of you. Here are all the tools that you will need to conduct trading activities.

Initially, on the top panel of the live coin crypto exchange, you need to select the currency pair that you plan to trade. Next, you will see a graph display with the price movement of these instruments. Here everything is shown as detailed as possible, so it will be possible to objectively assess the situation in this direction.

Below you see two windows with which you can buy or sell the currency of interest by placing an order.

Immediately, we note that live coin trading can be organized using several orders:

  1. Limit. You indicate the value for the purchase, which is below the current market price, for the sale – above market indicators. An order will be executed if the market value crosses the mark of the indicators you specified.
  2. Deferred. It will work only under certain conditions. You indicate the price at which you want to sell the existing assets, and if the price reaches the desired indicators, the transaction will be completed. The advantage of this order is that funds are not blocked and can be used until the order is executed.

For beginners in this field, experts recommend using the Market Order by placing it at the bottom of the window. The exchange will transfer to a page where all the information that will be required to conclude a profitable transaction will be displayed.

Another interesting way to make money on the Livcoin exchange is a game to change the price of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. In the corresponding section, you can bet on whether the value of the specified cryptocurrency will increase or decrease next week. If the forecasts come true, you will receive the reward indicated in the system.

Important! For each operation on the cryptocurrency exchange, a small commission is provided. It is 0.18% of the transaction amount. This figure acts initially and decreases with increasing monthly trading volume. If it exceeds USD 2,000,000, the amount of commission is set to a minimum indicator – 0.02 %.

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