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Here's my short video promo. The big bad strings of a bass can take a lot of … 29 pages of fretboard and chord diagrams, scales, modes, arpeggios, groove/technique exercises and life-changing practice tips, Enter your email below to get the 7 day email course and ebook. From old school to new, Funk has never gone away, because it’s all about the groove. • Rock Bass Guitarists • Rock Bass Performances • Metal Bass Guitarists • Jazz Bassists • Fusion Musicians • Blues Sidemen. Exercises, Learn Practice routine generator - Music Discipline. check out HOW TO … The login page will open in a new tab. Take your bass playing to the next level with Fingerstyle Funk Bass Lines ! its all about syncopation. Bonus 2: 4 x bonus videos walk you through the most challenging techniques, step-by-step, with detailed breakdowns. Here are the chapters: Here's the blurb from Amazon (you can buy the book on paperback, kindle or PDF). After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Its broad appeal is due in part to the fact that it teaches so many of the foundational skills for different genres of music. For What It’s Worth - The Voices Of East Harlem (Right On Be Free, 1970) Made Simple, Beginner One of the things that I found helpful early on in my funk journey was looking at drum patterns in any kind of instructional charts I could find. (single, 1970) Never known by its full title – Get Up (I Feel Like Being … By Ben Gibson Funk the purpose of playing funk on a bass is the to be the backbone of the band. This will also sign you up to my weekly newsletter where you will get free bass tips, lessons and advice. Bass tablature for Funk #49 by Joe Walsh. Subscribe to the newsletter for your exclusive FREE ebook. Music Forum: Movie Lists: 100 Greatest Rock Basslines: Criteria: Each bassline was ranked for the overall quality of its composition, plus … The audio files include PLAYBACK+, a multi-functional audio player that allows you to slow down audio without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys, and pan left or right. Funk bass guitar playing is one of the most popular styles of bass guitar playing. Each section of the book profiles an iconic funk bass player and gives a rundown of the instruments and gear used to create their tone. The book is in the style of twenty great bass players and bands. the way to play funk is to play a emphasised ground note on the first beat, then do the funky impro. New expensive 5 string or a 4 and a 5 string. Learn the core principles of good bass playing that will have you grooving in no time! I’m starting to try out funk and this is good. Bass Lessons - Easy (funk) Basslines Bass Tab This tab is real beginner material (so don't bitch at me if you find it too easy). I send out a newsletter every Sunday packed full of bass tips, news, and lessons, plus if you sign up you get my free Bass Guitar Resource Book. If interested call Ted 216-205-4793 immediately! In 100 Funk Grooves for Electric Bass you’ll drill down into every essential technique needed to create your own super-bad basslines, all while growing your bass lick vocabulary. Bonus 1: As well as FREE download of 100 studio quality audio examples, we’ve created a special Spotify playlist of essential tunes to get you in the groove. Mistakes. Funk (and Reggae and Rock) Basslines These Bass Transcriptions inculde: Funk Bass Transcriptions of Bootsy Collins Transcriptions of Basslines by other James Brown Bassists such as Tim Drummond, Charles Sherrell, and Bernard Odum Bass Transcriptions of Billy Cox, the funky bassist with Jimi Hendrix on “Dolly Dagger” and “Izabella” Bonus 3: Studio quality backing tracks and isolated drums loops to get you in the groove. BBT's Official "ThunderBassistJay" Thread! from Anna Sentina. Browse our collection of free Funk samples and Funk loops, Funk sample packs, bass lines, drum loops and guitar loops. Even something small really helps me cover running costs! 100% Privacy Guarantee. Bass tablature for A Cool Little Jazz Line by Bass Lessons. ), Essential scales and arpeggios and how to use them, Perfect syncopated note placement and rhythmic space. Your email address is safe with me. Made Easy, Common Fixes, Foolproof Funk; the epitome of grooving and moving. Get inside the grooves and techniques of the funkiest bass players on the planet! The Real Me – The Who (John Entwistle) Legend has it that John Entwistle tracked this bassline in … Rated 3.4 out of 5 by 5 users. I give you loads of tips along the way on how to create your own lines and fills in this incredible style. Buy my T-Shirts designs for Bass Players, Bass Guitarists, Bassists Tees. Bass Lines, Funk Please log in again. Our first slap groove is from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ cover of Higher Ground. This is purely personal taste and there's no right or wrong approach. In this article, we will give you some easy bass slap lines to learn so that you can start off learning funk the fun way. Your Fretboard, Foolproof Scroll down for video examples and a free sample of the book plus audio examples. get as much into the bassline as you can. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Funk Bass Guitar Lines: 20 Original Funk Bass Lines with Audio & Video (Bass Guitar Lines Series Book 1). bass chords, Scales i'm having problems with slap, any advice?? Bass Lessons - Easy (funk) Basslines Bass Tab, Easy Blues, Play You can't find this anywhere else so don't miss this special offer! Some easy bass guitar tabs and lessons have been provided in this article to help you become a good bass player. Scroll down for video examples and a free sample. A medley of the basslines for these songs :) Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder I Want You Back - The Jackson 5 Got to Be Real - Cheryl Lynn Bust A Move - Young MC Brick House - The Commodores Unsubscribe easily at any time. If you want to be the perfect bass player, you owe it to yourself to learn to lay it down. If you get any value from my lessons and would like to help keep this site running and the weekly lessons flowing, click the button below for a small donation. in the middle. Download FREE Bass Line sounds - royalty-free! Today, many people learn to play the bass, due to sheer love for groove and gallop. Bass Lines, Funk ), Chapter 2: Resources (Gear, listening etc. Helps add to my bass arsenal, ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡. On ‘Down 4 Whateva’ Saturday 8th Feb show, we had the ‘baddest basslines’ show, great fun! Mistakes, Easy Add a 5th and a b7 to the octave pattern above and you have what … Here, Dan Hawkins teaches what you can learn from the funk bass players who laid down the story of funk on thousands of deep cuts. Bass tabs of songs by Parliament - 19 bass tabs including Flashlight, Give Up The Funk and Mothership Connection. Bass for your face! 6 years ago. My weekly newsletter is packed full of bass tips, news, and lessons, plus you'll get an exclusive free copy of The Bass Guitar Resource Book! Funk Bass Guitar Lines: 20 Original Funk Bass Lines with Audio & Video (Bass Guitar Lines Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Evans, Gareth. Privacy policy. Rated 3.9 out of 5 by 42 users. James Brown - Sex Machine. Famous Funky Bass Lines - Cover by Anna Sentina. Bootsy Collins James Brown-Style Funk Bass Line Bernard Edwards/Chic Style Funk Bass Line (Using Fingers Like A Plectrum) Mark Adams/Slave Style Funk Bass Line (Slides & The 'Shake') Audio is accessed online using the unique code inside the book and can be streamed or downloaded. If you aren't comfortable slapping/popping, just pluck the strings — sounds good either way you do it. Got to be Real – Cheryl Lynn (1978) Here is a simple idea to develop the funk groove in to a 1 bar bass line that can easily be simper-imposed over the first 10 … You’ll nail the groove styles of: We all know a great groove when we hear it, but what makes it so compelling? Blues, Play Your Fretboard, Tone The book is my love letter to funk bass, one of the most amazing styles out there for us bass players! Made Easy, Common All of it you can use in your playing. I’ve decided to present the clips of these songs with YouTube musicians covering the bass lines so you can focus on the groove and watch their fancy finger work. By the end of this book you will be well versed in the history of funk bass as well as the major styles and gear that was used. bass player wanted for song writer/singer,prefer a funky slap style female bassist! More than 540 free transcriptions for bass and other instruments in standard notation and tabs, including several full albums. In this lesson we’re going to look at a killer funky bass riff and […] The first section of the riff is just the root of the A7 chord, the octave…a b7, and then a couple of chromatic approach notes leading to …

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