Overview of the Poloniex exchange (Polonix) – instructions for registering and trading

The Poloniex exchange has been operating in the field of cryptocurrency pair trading since 2014. Today it has become one of the largest sites with similar specialization. The system was founded in San Francisco, California, and was initially targeted at US citizens. But, rapidly increasing trading volumes, wide functionality, numerous advantages attracted the attention of users from around the world. The number of participants in the Polonix exchange continues to increase today. Easy to learn, opens up a wide range of opportunities for traders.

Deposit and withdraw funds from Polonix exchange

To start trading, you need to have at your disposal a certain amount of assets. Let us examine, how to fund an account with Poloniex.

Important! Initially, we note that the platform does not work with popular payment systems, therefore, the only cryptocurrency can be entered into and withdrawn from the account. By the way, you can exchange cryptocurrency for other currencies outside exchanges, it’s enough to use Bestchenge monitoring, which offers the most favorable exchange rates, including crypto.

Those who are interested in how to withdraw money from Polonix, or vice versa, to fund their account, should know that it is most convenient to work in this case with popular types of digital coins, such as:

  • the Bitcoin ;
  • Ethereum ;
  • BitcoinDark
  • Ethereum Classic ;
  • Ripple etc.

To top up your Poloniex account, do the following:

  • Go to the Balances tab. Here you will see a list of wallets for different cryptocurrencies and two actions will be offered opposite each: Deposits & Withdrawals;
  • select Deposits, so that the system can generate an address for entering in the application for the transfer of crypto coins;
  • copy the address into the application formed on the site where you store digital assets.

In the same way, you can organize a withdrawal of money with Poloniex. Just select the “Withdrawals” item. The security system works reasonably well, therefore, in order to confirm your identity and exclude fraudulent schemes, you will need to go to your personal email address and follow the link contained in the email that came to the address. After that, the withdrawal of funds will be executed and conducted.

Long to understand is how to get money from Poloniex, it is not necessary. Everything is very clear here, the form for filling does not contain many fields, in addition, each of them is signed, and even intuitively you can guess what data and where to enter.

Commission for operations is present in any case. Its value depends on the form in which you withdraw or start digital coins.

Polonix Exchange Advantages

To finally make sure that the choice is justified, you can familiarize yourself with the many advantages that are confirmed by the feedback on the Poloniex exchange from beginners and professional traders. They are as follows:

  • high level of reliability. This feature is important for each participant in the system; it plays a special role for experienced traders conducting large financial transactions leading successful trading;
  • intuitive interface. The Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange in Russian is not available, but everyone can understand the features of the work, even if they do not know English well. Everything is clear and transparent, and the windows on the main screen are located as on most other trading floors;
  • a huge selection of types of cryptocurrencies, and accordingly, cryptocurrency pairs;
  • the wide functionality of the site. In addition to margin trading on Poloniex, you can take and give out loans, exchange digital coins for another, more convenient or profitable type;
  • informative charts that help to create a complete picture of the situation on the cryptocurrency market, make a forecast regarding the future movement of the value of the selected asset;
  • low commissions for operations. Especially the difference with other systems is felt for traders who are active here. This point will be confirmed by numerous reviews of the Polonix exchange.

Important! The commission for operations in the system is 0-0.25% of the transaction amount. Not so long ago, the platform switched to a new program that allows the trader to save if he purchases cryptocurrencies below the market price or sells at a cost higher than current indicators.

Now you know how to trade on Polonix, what opportunities you can apply, starting to work with the system. It remains to hone the knowledge gained in practice, gaining additional experience and learning new useful information.

Polonix Exchange Conclusions

To understand how to trade on Poloniex will be able to anyone who is a little versed in the area in question and the essence of the planned lesson. The exchange is aimed at both beginners and experienced traders. Favorable trading conditions are offered to each user. Due to the high level of protection, you don’t need to worry about your own funds, paying more attention to the tenders themselves. And here the platform offers assistants – informative charts, which show minimal price fluctuations. You just need to customize them for yourself, setting the criteria of interest.

Polonix opens up the widest possible opportunities for its participants, which is why it is very popular. This is confirmed by systematically increasing trading volumes, a regularly increasing number of active users.

It’s not necessary to think long how to get money for Polonix. There are also plenty of options here.

Of course, we can also highlight moments that can confuse some users, for example, the lack of support for fiat currencies and poor technical support. But, these nuances can not be called minuses, rather, these are the characteristic features of a particular site, because, in many systems working in this direction, things are the same.

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