Registration and verification at the Polonix exchange

When planning to register, it is important to understand that the site is quite popular, so there are many scammers trying to make money on it. You need to register on the official site It is available in English, but with basic knowledge or banal ability to use a translator to solve the problem will be completely uncomplicated. The registration process is carried out as follows:

  • go to the main page of the official website of the Poloniex exchange ;
  • in the center of the page, click on the active account creation button;
  • a small standard form for filling will open;
  • enter the country, a valid email address, create a password, repeat it in the next field;
  • note that you agree to the terms of work on the exchange;
  • Confirm your intention to register.

When completing registration on Poloniex, you need to go into the mailbox, open the letter from the administration, follow the link. You activate the account, make it available for use.

After completing the procedure and authorization, you will be taken to your personal account. Information is presented in English. Over time, you will understand, and this will not cause many difficulties. Initially, we note that each trader on the Poloniex crypto exchange has three active menu buttons:

  • EXCHANGE – exchange operations with digital currencies. Using the section, you will change one type of crypto coin to another, which you consider promising;
  • MARGIN TRADING – Margin trading using leverage. The organization resembles the work of the Forex market;
  • LENDING – a section that allows you to take or provide credit to other users. The security level of operations is quite high; the system has special protection for creditors against loss of funds provided for temporary use.

Important! When issuing loans in the appropriate section, remember that the system takes 15% of the total profit of each lender.

The window of the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange, where cryptocurrency pairs are traded, is quite informative. Initially, they will offer to choose a currency pair, which you will trade later. A graph appears in the center of the page at the top showing the change in the value of the selected instruments. It can be customized for you and individual preferences, changing the time interval for which the price is displayed, other parameters. It is simply impossible to trade on the Polonix cryptocurrency exchange without using the information displayed on the chart. The value of digital assets is changing rapidly, without tracking you will conclude mainly losing trades.

We move on the page further. We see three windows:

  • BUY – cryptocurrency acquisition. To make a deal, you need to choose the type of digital coins, indicate the quantity. Then it remains to confirm the intention by clicking the appropriate button;
  • STOP-LIMIT – a special menu for setting a stop limit or stop order. It allows you to complete the transaction upon reaching the market price of these indicators. This is convenient when you consider that continuous monitoring is quite difficult and not always possible. If you miss a moment, you can lose a certain amount of money;
  • SELL – you can sell the digital money that is available, seeing the conditions suitable for concluding a profitable transaction.

The last window is a glass of orders. Displays submitted and completed applications.

Now you know how to register with Poloniex, what are the main features the system offers. But, these are not all the features that novice traders should be aware of.

It is worth stopping at such a process as verification. It is about confirming the identity of a registered user.

Verification on Poloniex is needed to expand the capabilities available for a particular trader. It consists only of increasing the daily limit for withdrawing money from 2 to 25 thousand dollars.

If you plan to conduct transactions with such large amounts, you need to figure out how to pass verification on Poloniex. To do this, you will need to do the following:

  • enter your personal account, open the “Profile” tab;
  • fill in the remaining fields with personal information: enter the address of residence, zip code, phone number in international format;
  • indicate the full date of birth;
  • register the series, passport number, another identification document.

Next, everyone who is interested in how to pass verification on Polonix can upload a personal photo with a document in their hands, the number of which was entered above. The photo should be clear, consistent with the example presented on the page. This will guarantee a successful verification, eliminating any problems with verification of identity.

Now it remains to save the changes by pressing the corresponding active button.

Important! The cryptocurrency exchange security service is very responsible for its duties. Therefore, if there are any suspicions regarding an unverified user, they can force him to go through this procedure by freezing the funds in his account until it is successfully completed.

Now you know how to register at Polonix, pass verification, and what information and functions the platform provide for existing users who want to conduct successful trading.

Important! In the reviews of traders, it was possible to see the information that now verification is a prerequisite for absolutely everyone. The security service introduced changes in order to increase the level of reliability of the site.

Security is an important goal of system administration. Therefore, it is recommended that each user registered on the official website of the Polonix cryptocurrency exchange, configure additional protection for their own account. There are two ways to do this. The most common is to pass two-factor authentication using a special application that can be downloaded on Google Play. It is also possible to generate an API key – an individual code for each account. This will allow you to be sure of the safety of your own funds, to exclude access to the account of unauthorized persons.

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