Registration and verification on the Bitrix exchange

Registration is ongoing at – the official website of the cryptocurrency platform. He is English-speaking and is not represented in other versions. But in order to successfully register on the site, it is not necessary to ideally know a foreign language. It is enough to have the basic knowledge. Everything is clear here intuitively and there are no special difficulties.

Those who are interested in how to register on the Bitrix exchange should follow a few simple steps:

  • go to the main page and go down to its very bottom or click on the “Log in” tab. On any of these pages you will find the “Sing up” button;
  • enter the requested data in the proposed small standard form. Here you need to register an email address, specify a password and repeat it in the next line;
  • confirm the correctness of the entered information;
  • open the email address which was entered during the registration and follow the link from the letter from Bitrix to complete the registration process.

Fill in some important fields

We figured out how to register on But, this is not all the information that you should know when planning a successful job. It is worth noting that the platform offers three options for accounts, each of which provides the user with different options:

  • New is the simplest type. It allows you to deposit funds into the accounts of the site, to trade cryptocurrency pairs;
  • Basic – allows you to withdraw assets in an equivalent of no more than 3 bitcoin every day. Two-factor authentication, which guarantees security, becomes a prerequisite;
  • Enhanced – daily allows you to withdraw the amount equivalent to 100 bitcoins.

In order to get the opportunity not only to earn capital but also to withdraw it, the user must undergo verification from Bittrex without fail. The first stage is quite simple, and no complicated actions are supposed here. Initially, go to the Verification section. Here you will need to enter the following information:

  • Date of Birth;
  • address of residence;
  • series and passport number;
  • cell phone number.

When the system checks the entered data, the user will be able to display up to 0.25 BTC per day. This figure can be increased to 3 coins if you pass two-factor authentication using a special application.

To increase the daily limit to 100 coins Bitcoin, you need to go through the second stage of verification at Bitrix. It involves the following actions:

  • Download a scanned copy of your personal passport or another identification document, such as a driver’s license;
  • on-demand – photo of a man with a personal document in his hands.

Important! The document must contain information in English. This should be considered when deciding which scanned copies to upload to the system.

These are all the points regarding the start of work on the official website of the Bitrix cryptocurrency exchange. Now you can proceed to replenish the account and directly to the auction.

How to make money on the Bitrix exchange or make a withdrawal

Important! The system does not accept fiat money, so you can replenish your account only with cryptocurrency. A complete list of supported types of digital coins can be found on the site.

Planning to conduct active trading on Bitrix, you need to fund your account. To do this, go to the Wallets section. Here you will see a complete list of cryptocurrencies that can be credited. Select the type of digital coins to replenish. Then you will be offered two active buttons “+” and “-“. We are talking about replenishment of the account, so we select “+”. Further, on the site, and address for transferring funds will be generated. This address must be entered in the appropriate field when transferring cryptocurrency from your own wallet.

If we talk about how to withdraw money from Bittrex, the procedure is carried out in exactly the same way. Only now you need to select “-” and enter on the site the number of the cryptocurrency wallet to which you want to transfer.

The section under consideration also provides statistics on all transfers that were carried out on a particular account, regardless of direction. Additionally, the change in the value of coins on the account is displayed here.

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