Registration and verification on the EKSMO cryptocurrency exchange

In order to fully explore and use all the inherent capabilities of the site, you first need to register on the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange. The procedure does not involve any special difficulties and takes only a few minutes.

Initially, we go to the platform’s official website. To make it easier, select the appropriate language in the upper right corner.

Important! Here we denote the first advantage of the site – a multilingual interface. It supports 11 languages, therefore it is easily accessible to users from different countries. Translation, unlike some other systems, is of high quality, so there are no problems with understanding.

Now you can proceed directly to registration on the EXMO exchange. Here you need to take

a few simple steps:

  • write a login that will continue to play the role of a user name;
  • provide an email address. It is necessary to give valid contacts because important information will be sent through them;
  • create a password for 7 or more characters in Latin letters;
  • repeat password to confirm;
  • agree to the terms of the user agreement;
  • confirm registration on the EXMO exchange by clicking on the appropriate button.

It remains to activate the account. To do this, follow the link from the letter that will be sent to the email address indicated earlier. Now the account is active, and the user can work with the account.

At the same time as registration, an EKSMO wallet is created, so there is no need to take individual actions to solve this problem. It is active and ready to use.

Important! Registration on the trading floor can be carried out at two addresses: and It doesn’t matter on which resource you will be registered – official or its mirror. Both sites are working properly and stably. The mirror is designed to bypass locks in some countries, and user data is stored for any address.

Before replenishing an EXMO wallet, you need to take care of the safety of funds that will be entered into it. To do this, go to the settings section, familiarize yourself with the list of additional functions and select the ones of interest. After that, save the settings so that they become active.

Now you know how to register for EXMO, but this is not all that you need to do to start and successfully conduct trading. There is such a thing as “verification” or confirmation of the identity of a participant in the system. Such a procedure is provided on all cryptocurrency platforms and is needed to protect users and their funds, as well as the system itself. The only thing that differs is the requirements and meticulousness of the operators checking the provided data. On the EKSMO exchange, they are loyal to this process, realizing that excessive administration responsibility can cause users inconvenience. But, the verification procedure on EXMOnot excluded, but only simplified to the extent possible. Without it, you can perform the widest possible range of actions. And yet, there are situations when a participant in the system must confirm his identity without fail.

Verification by EKSMO is carried out for the following actions:

  • withdrawal of assets in euros or dollars to bank cards;
  • deposit or withdrawal of funds using Payza, Neteller, Skyrill;
  • operations with finances through bank transfers SEPA or Wire.

To go through the procedure without any problems, to do this the first time, you need to provide the correct information and clear copies of the requested documents. On the official website of the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange you will need to indicate:

  • full name;
  • date of birth;
  • series and number of the identification document;
  • the country where the aforementioned certificate was issued;
  • validity.

After filling in all the fields you need to download a scanned copy of the passport. All data here should be clear and well readable.

Understanding why verification at EXMO is necessary, it is worth observing the requirements provided by it. In particular, they relate to scanned copies of documents. In order for the security service and the site administration to accept them, the following conditions must be met:

  • copies are made from the original, all information and photos are clear;
  • the image should be color, placed on a plain background;
  • it is imperative that all corners of the document are visible. Cropped images on the official website of the cryptocurrency exchange are not accepted;
  • any foreign objects should be absent, for example, fingers, paper clips, pencils, etc .;
  • copies with traces of editing are not accepted;
  • jpg or png file format, size from 500 kb to 5 Mb.

When the submitted information and documents are checked by the administration, you can log in and start bidding. And the first thing to do is to fund your account.

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