Waves cryptocurrency – what is it, principles and development prospects

In the modern market of electronic currencies, the relatively young cryptocurrency Waves is gaining more and more popularity. At its core, it is a blockchain platform that issues cryptographic tokens and is capable of conducting crowdfunding campaigns. It was designed to regulate communities, release assets, and transmit encrypted messages. In the overall ranking, she is in 13th place. Waves have a capitalization of more than $ 400 million.

Waves History

The Waves platform began its existence in 2016. The creator of Wave is the Russian Alexander Ivanov, who wrote it on the NXT project. Before the advent of the platform, he managed to launch a service for the rapid exchange of cryptocurrencies. The basis for the operation was taken LPoS platform. The advent of Waves allowed any user to produce their own analogs of cryptographic shares and with their help participate in exchange trading. The waves crowdfunding campaign was conducted from April to May 2016 and allowed to attract about $ 16 million in BTC (30,000).

Forbes magazine became interested in this project, and already in September of this year, an article was published on the principles of work and new promising possibilities of the Waves cryptocurrency. In June 2017, the total capitalization of waves was more than half a billion dollars, which allowed it to enter the first 10 world cryptocurrencies. Now Waves is actively accepted as a means of processing payments for various services, including trade.

Waves Features and Operation

Waves cryptocurrency is an open blockchain platform that allows you to use all the functionality of Bitcoin and expand its capabilities, going beyond the usual transfer of values. This platform is able to issue, transfer and exchange all types of digital currencies decentralized using its own DEX exchange.

The consensus of LPoS was taken as its basis, which allows any user to independently transfer their balance to rent and at the same time exchange part of their profit from mining waves. The user can return their money at any time. Users independently generate blocks, selecting them according to the balance of the token. Within the framework of the platform, tokens can be mined only by full GCDs. All other users can give them to use their balances for mining waves. The number of full GCDs is limited and amounts to about 1 hundred units for creating a block in a circuit for 10 seconds.

To keep blockchains unchanged, classic encryption is used with the public key. As long as the key is known only to the owner of the tokens, he has every right to dispose of them. If it falls into the wrong hands, then attackers can easily use your entire balance. Tokens can be freely converted into different types of electronic money: fiat currency, cryptocurrency, other tokens.

In order to have wide access to the wave ways functionality, you need to install the Lite Client, which will allow you to save all the data about personal assets without fully downloading the Waves blockchain.

The difference of Waves from Bitcoin

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency waves has some common features with bitcoin, it is still fundamentally different from it.

  1. Waves is a blockchain platform that allows you to independently issue cryptographic tokens and conduct crowdfunding campaigns.
  2. Tokens are issued quickly and without special programming knowledge.
  3. Connecting your own decentralized exchange with fiat gateways.
  4. Inexpensive transaction cost at high speed.
  5. Low cost of issuing own tokens in the Waves platform.
  6. Using Leased Proof-of-Stake technology, which allows each user to become a full NOD. This opportunity helps to attract other users to quickly conduct transactions or shares the “power” to receive part of the commission for conducting such an operation.

Course forecasts

From the very beginning of its existence, the price of wave tokens was 50 cents. In just a couple of months, their value has significantly increased in the cryptocurrency market. The most famous resources wrote about the high capabilities of Waves: Forbes, Cointelegraph, The Huffington Post and others. With the appearance of tokens in the foreign exchange market, the Waves rate rapidly rose up and stabilized. It is believed that the Waves rate may increase up to 10 times over the next six months. Such an increase will make it possible to earn not only in trading on the difference in rates but also to reliably maintain their savings. The prospects for waves in the modern market are quite high, and the currency itself is quite popular among users.

Waves Wallet

In order to store tokens of the “wave” cryptocurrency and participate in trading on your own exchange, you need to have your own electronic wallet. Waves offer two choices for its users. The first – allows you to support blockchain with the possibility of mining, the second – the so-called Lite Client (lightweight Waves-wallet). It is a lightweight electronic wave-wallet that is the most convenient since it does not take up much space on a computer hard drive and does not require constant online access. You can use this wallet through a browser or simply by installing a special application on your computer.

In order to use the browser version of Waves electronic wallet, you need to do the following:

  1. go to the website of the “wave” cryptocurrency;
  2. open the tab “Product”;
  3. Click on it on the item “Online Client” on it;
  4. read and agree to the terms of use of the wallet;
  5. fill in all the necessary fields to complete the registration of the wallet.

Waves’ wallets can be installed not only on a computer but also on smartphones. With it, you can store a wide variety of electronic money options, Waves’ colored coins “and even fiat funds. If necessary, you can also perform cash transactions between electronic and real.

Exchange, purchase, how to get Waves

The formation of exchange channels of cryptocurrencies and tokens with fiat money occurs gradually. To buy funds for a young electronic currency, you need to use older coins. This is best done using the long-known BTC.

Deposits and withdrawals in the “wave” currency to bank cards or payment systems can be made if the money is converted into bitcoin. Withdrawal of fiat funds from the exchange is carried out on such money systems as Yandex. Money, Payer, Capitalist, Perfect Money, AdvCash. The commission will be calculated individually, taking into account the amount of the transfer and the functionality of the payment system itself.

Buying or selling Waves is carried out on created sites – cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of the most popular exchanges are EXMO and ShapeShift. On these exchanges, any user can replenish, transfer or withdraw funds in any kind of currency without any problems. You can buy waves for Bitcoin on the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange. The choice of the most optimal way to buy, sell or transfer “wave” money is always yours.

How to earn Waves cryptocurrency

There are several ways to mine waaves. The first is to become a member of Waves. Platform miners receive a reward to their personal account in the form of tokens every month. To join the team of miners, you must have at least 1000 WAVES in your account. Waves mining can be done through mining, transferring your funds for rent. Thus, you can get interested in using your money.

Another way to earn money is to get a commission for transactions within the system, as well as commissions for other issued token projects.

Waves cranes allow you to earn and accumulate coins through their usual visit. By clicking on the given links, your wave earnings will be approximately 0.03 coins every hour, as well as in addition to 1 token. This way to earn waves is quite simple, does not require investments, but it takes a lot of time. Making Waves right at home is easy. With the advent of a new cryptocurrency on the market, this has become possible!

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